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          Gov. Polis Announces Eagle County Will Be First in the State to Reopen

          Governor Jared Polis addressed the state this afternoon to provide critical updates on the stay-at-home order. He started with some good news, announcing that Eagle County will be the first in the state to “reopen.”

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          Kylie?Orf, a senior at Roaring Fork High School shares her experience living?with a congenital upper limb reduction with the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program's Halle Zander. After many years of remaining silent about her physical difference, she opens up to enlighten our community about respect and how she lives without limits.?


          Starting today, new categories of workers will be able to file for unemployment with the state thanks to provisions in the federal stimulus or CARES act. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more.

          The Geeks

          The Geeks overcome the challenges of our days to provide important technical knowledge to KDNK listeners.

          U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Kenneth W. Norman

          Governor Jared Polis says all workers in critical buildings such as grocery stores and nursing homes will now be required to wear face masks. His executive order comes after there have been coronavirus outbreaks in at least fifteen nursing homes and residential care facilities around the state.

          The coronavirus crisis could be igniting a revolution of sorts in the legal cannabis industry.

          Thirty-three states across the U.S. allow for some form of sale and consumption of marijuana. And of those, more than 20 states have designated the cannabis industry as essential during the coronavirus outbreak.

          While advocates are applauding many of the interim marijuana laws, they also say those laws exposes dangerous disparities among states.

          Frustration with stay-at-home orders is mounting in many parts of the country. In Colorado, protesters gathered Sunday afternoon on a hillside in front of the state capitol in Denver.

          "I'm watching businesses close. I'm watching friends lose their incomes," protester Deesa Hurt told Colorado Public Radio. "We just want to reopen Colorado. That's all we want."

          Lucas Turner/KDNK

          KDNK's Weekly News Reel takes a look at the week's top local and regional news stories aired on KDNK between Monday and Friday.

          Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Colorado Democrats and Republicans will log on to their first-ever virtual state assemblies today. KDNK’s Scott Franz has more on what’s at stake.

          There’s been too much oil on the market since well before the coronavirus outbreak. But a recent agreement to cut production won’t be enough to prevent states in the Mountain West from taking a big hit.


          Sandra Fish

          Reporter Sandra Fish talks with KDNK's Gavin Dahl about a new initiative from First Draft and Colorado Media Project called Misinformation Watch. Her latest article for The Colorado Sun looks at coronavirus disinformation including robocalls, phony cures, conspiracies, and politicizing the crisis.?


          en espa?ol

          Sarah Jeanette Meyer

          Información en espa?ol actualizada sobre COVID-19 en el valle Roaring Fork

          Acá les compartimos información en espa?ol actualizada sobre COVID-19 y las medidas proactivas tomadas localmente para frenar la propagación potencial, los impactos, y el da?o del virus en el valle Roaring Fork...

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          Grassroots Community Network

          Pitco Board of Health Okays Limited Construction, Says No to Lodging For Now

          Pitkin County’s board of health Thursday laid out new changes to the Public Health Order, including timelines for construction to resume. Board members emphasized when that does happen, construction companies won’t be able to have more than 10 employees on a site, and will still need to practice social distancing, they'll also have to submit safety plans before starting up.

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          Public Affairs Shows

          What We are Made Of: AZYEP Talks with Young Curators of the Roaring Fork

          The Young Curators of the Roaring Fork put on a show at the Aspen Art Museum every April, but with COVID-19 closures, this batch of students had to get creative. Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program's Halle Zander checks in with the students to see how they've adapted to this new reality and changes to the exhibit. What We Are Made Of will open with a virtual public reception on Saturday, April 18, from 3–4 p.m. More info here .

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          Alya Howe Presents AntiViral Part 2

          Honoring April as National Poetry Month, Alya Howe continues "AntiViral" on Express Yourself.

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